Cloudian Gives cloud-like scale at economic cost.
With its cloud-native S3 ground-up design, the capacity-tier has never been easier.

New Archival

Cloudian provides long-term archival for cold data that is no longer required in production but required for compliance.
Where it would make little sense economically to place this long-term archive data on a flash or hybrid array, and where traditional HDD disk arrays lack the scale out, and tape lacks the timely retrieval of data for requests such as freedom of information requests, Cloudian is ideally suited to this by providing a highly resilient, deep archive disk storage on low-powered, high-density nodes which all participate in the same management space.  This allows customers to effectively run an internal cloud storage service that they can consume by capacity and tier in GB, TB, PB.
Cloudian is, in Vanquish Tech’s opinion, is the ideal choice for deep archive because of its compatibility with the Amazon S3 protocol. Amazon Simple Storage Service is storage for the Internet. It is designed to make web-scale computing easier for developers.

S3 Protocol for Object Storage

The Amazon S3 has a simple web services interface that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web and is the framework by which cloud-native applications should be written. Cloudian provides native S3 support; it does not use gateways or translation. The Cloudian API is S3 so you can use PUT and a GET but also APIs for multi part upload – split large file for parallelised ingest of large media files
In terms of functionality, modern, encryption, reporting, monitoring, tiering – a function of S3, and can tier to public cloud – GCP / Azure, spectre logic, black pearl, Azure blob or any compatible endpoint

Tomorrow’s Designs

This, like Cohesity, and Nutanix, is inspired by the web-scale architectures of Google, Facebook, and Ali Baba. Cloudian provides a distributed repository for cold, archive data which is protected as a minimum using replication factor 3, where 3 copies of data are spread across the cluster for resiliency. Being a web-scale technology, as Cloudian expands, the resiliency can increase to the datacentre level, rather than traditional disk archival, which using RAID protects only at the disk level. Cohesity, through its intuitive SLA policy engine enables users to archive after a specific retention period, by default, of 30 days.