Cohesity offers the latest in data management, backup and one-click near-zero RTO/RPO.
Cohesity is the world’s latest front-line in managing what’s important.

Data Management

The secondary data management component of Vanquish Technologies’ hosted platform is provided by Cohesity. The Cohesity Data Platform is a distributed, highly scalable platform designed to function as a consolidation point for a multiple secondary data storage types and workflows in both virtual and physical server environments.

A True Swiss Army Knife

Use cases include secondary storage for data protection, files, test/dev copies, cloud tiering and cluster analytics.
Native integration with public cloud resources is supported for long-term archival and disaster recovery applications.
The Data Platform consists of consists of a distributed, shared nothing cluster of hyperconverged nodes that that can be scaled upward without limitation. For data protection applications, it can be used as a target data protection storage system in place of conventional deduplication appliances, or as a completely integrated data protection system with the addition of Cohesity Data Protect that includes built-in services for backup and recovery without requiring the popular backup applications from 3rd party vendors.