Research studies show that an avid sports fan thinks the internet is just as important as air, food, water and shelter. In fact, 1 in 3 do and in the future this will continue to grow as we move into a world of SMART technologies where the number of mobile devices is set to catch up with the worlds population.

As we move into a SMART world, technology is changing the way we work, play and learn. The way we interact with each other using technology is changing our lives.

Providing WiFi interaction to your customers is now so much more than just offering Free WiFi, we can now engage with customers and gain valuable insights into their behaviour and patterns whilst providing a truly personable and unique engagement with our fans.

Deploying SMART WiFi solutions such as Encapto WiFi creates new opportunities of engagement by adding value into existing WiFi hardware investments.

With 3 out of 4 people bringing their mobile devise to stadiums the internet is more important to people than mostly anything. Fans refuse to only be spectators, their demanding a deeper connected engaged experience all the time.

Sending texts, making calls to friends, having the ability to check team player stats, watch video replays from multiple camera angles, ordering the new sports top and sharing photos of friends across social networks is all possible with SMART Wifi Stadium deployments.

Use “ON CONNECT’ experiences to inform and engage your customers. Campaigns provide the ability to deliver rich content to connected WiFi users by displaying users with an advert or notification on connect, this could be your latest campaign, a special offer or notification about the days events. All of which can be deliver stadium wide or segregated across individual access points or specific site location.

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