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Most stadiums and arenas use private and secure radio technologies (also known as PMR/DMR) for administrative, security, asset management and other operational purposes. Vanquish Technologies understands the importance of undisrupted availability of these technologies. We have a successful track record in providing bespoke high density WiFi solutions for both stadia and arena environments to enhance the experience for its fans  . This also includes the stadium operations and training grounds.

Networking Testing

Radio audits, system performance analysis, Interference audits, analysis and mitigation.

Customer experience testing, Quality of service Optimisation and network improvement surveys.

Installation & Commissioning

We deliver a consistently high-quality service regardless of the size and complexity of the project.

Cat 5/6 structured cabling, Single and multi-mode fibre cabling, Antenna and AP installations System performance and validation testing.

Support & Maintenance

Our hardware maintenance service covers Wi-Fi access points and controller appliances on a guaranteed breakfix support with driven SLA’s. Our support includes remote monitoring, scheduled health checks, software management and software patch updates.

Project Management

Our project managers are responsible for end-to-end delivery of solutions and have full control of all aspects.

Monitoring, reporting and controlling projects, design and budgeting.

Managed Services

24x7x365 follow the sun service. We provide monitoring, reporting and maintenance on existing or new networks supporting guests and corporate devices.

WIFI rentals

We provide rental services for functions, events from 1 week up to 12 months. This covers internal and external access points and antennas. This includes delivery of equipment, installation and on-site project managers to support the network whilst in use incl. user portal access, social logins and campaigns.











Sports & Hospitality venues around the world are rolling out WiFi to increase visitor engagement, streamline operations, and improve safety and security. Encapto WiFi provides the platform to manage these competing demands and to bring the best out of WiFi networks. Running multiple applications and assigning management tasks on a WiFi network has never been easier.


Create elegant WiFi captive portals and deliver targeted rich content from Encapto’s Cloud Deck and for that extra marketing edge, Encapto Campaign delivers targeted advertising to users on connection to a hotspot and during a hotspot session. Target content to WiFi users with Encapto’s sophisticated Campaign module features scheduling and location targeting to deliver the right message to the right users at the right time.


Generate unique or shared passwords, enable credit card access or use one of the Encapto connectors to authenticate via your loyalty program or hotel booking system. Click and go, Unique or shared passwords, Paid access, Social media login, Data capture (survey or registration), Encrypted access.


Locate is a bolt-on WiFi location services tool for Encapto powered networks. Encapto Locate enables unparalleled insight into visitor behaviour based on how they move about in your WiFi zone. It works with leading WiFi vendors’ location services to recognise visitors by their device’s unique MAC address and captures information about where and when they are in your WiFi coverage area.


Social Media Integrated, Connect with customers using social media logins and gain visitor insights through demographic and interest data.

vendor agnostic

Put Encapto’s trademark flexibility, robustness and elegance at your fingertips in a single portal. We integrate a range of vendor specific services such as location analytics, to extract maximum value from WiFi networks. Whether it’s Ruckus or Xirrus, Cisco or Aruba, Encapto provides the hub for all your management and enhancement applications.


Deploy customisable surveys at login, standard questions including age and gender for demographic analysis OR create your own. View data from reporting module or export to other systems.

Reporting & Analytics

Encapto Analytics/Report enables unparalleled insight into visitor behaviour. Understand how users move about in your WiFi zone, what interests them and how to increase engagement and sales. Encapto Locate analytics can match location information with demographic data for your loyal clients and help realise new high value customers.