Sports and entertainment venues around the world are rolling out WiFi to increase visitor engagement, streamline operations, and improve safety and security. Encapto WiFi provides the platform to manage these competing demands and to bring the best out of WiFi networks. Running multiple applications and assigning management tasks on a WiFi network has never been easier.

Networks for innovative onsite content delivery, ticketing, point of sale, safety and security systems, public access internet, and more can be deployed and managed from one location using Encapto’s Cloud Deck control panel.
Simply define a hotspot with a portal, add authentication methods and then add it to the existing network.


Encapto's campaign is Genius’s native WiFi approach to getting visitors in early, staying longer, and spending more. Delivering exclusive in-venue content, such as replays, interviews, merchandise or refreshment deal alerts and contests, Encapto Campaign is all you need to target your message.

With sophisticated scheduling and targeting, including by variables like location and return visits, Encapto Campaign delivers the right message to the right visitor at the right time.

Encapto's sophisticated Gateway appliances can store
and distribute content locally to keep internet bandwidth
use free for internet access.

Speaking your language
Encapto API makes plugging in your App to take advantage of the world of data and functionality on offer a breeze.Let Encapto data power your asset tracking system or tell you when and where those high value loyalty program visitors are in the venue. Trigger personalised messages to enhance their experience and increase revenue. Encapto speaks your language.

The Encapto system can be applied to any WiFi network, existing or planned.

Put Encapto’s trademark flexibility, robustness and elegance at your fingertips in a single portal. And we also integrate a range of vendor specific services such as location analytics, to extract maximum value from WiFi networks. There are several quality WiFi vendors out there with high-density solutions for large venues. Pick the one you want and get Encapto to make it hum.

Whether it’s Ruckus or Xirrus, Cisco or Aruba, Encapto provides the hub for all your management and enhancement applications.

Encapto integrates seamlessly with a range of WiFi location systems so that venue managers can understand and plan for patron movement during major events
By tracking patrons using their WiFi signal (even if they don’t connect to the network), Encapto locate can identify bottlenecks and provide actionable
insight to improve safety and overall visitor experience. Data from Encapto locate can also power other systems to provide dynamic patron way finding, alert users to local amenities and services and deliver dynamic content depending on a patron’s location.


Deploy additional hardware or new hotspots over existing hardware in a few simple steps

And Encapto’s flexibility in WiFi deployment is mirrored in its scalable licensing packages: simply select the base level concurrent user plan required and then ramp up for game or gig day by applying ‘bursting’ event plans catering for as many users as are required.


With so much functionality packed into a single platform, Encapto's’ granular user permissions put the right functionality in the right hands
The marketing manager needs to update an ad in Encapto campaign, the IT manager needs to deploy a new SSID for security staff, while a logistics analyst wants to study the flow of visitors through the venue after opening a new gate.
Encapto caters for them all with a seamless fully customizable interface.