Free WiFi brings more customers through the door and increases the duration of their visits and their spend.
Engage customers with smart branded portals, run advertising specials and reward your loyal visitors with offers to keep them coming back. And with features like social media logins, Encapto's WiFi lets your customers spread the word about your place and provides managers and owners with the insights needed to built a better business.

Encapto WiFi’s sophisticated Campaign module lets you engage with customers from the moment they walk through the door
Schedule the delivery of messages during WiFi sessions, targeted according to past customer behaviour, location information and more. Deploy data capture to gather demographic insights, build customer loyalty databases and even add a questionnaire to transform your campaign into a fully-fledged customer competition. Derive even more value by analysing the results to see just how effective your WiFi campaign can be.


A share or like about you on your customers' social media platform of choice does more for your bottom line than perhaps any of your other marketing activities.

That's why you'll find social login available in all Encapto products, from the cost effective Happy Hotspot up. The benefits of social media login go further still when you consider the demographic insights that become available from a secure online control panel.


Encapto provdes valuable insight even from those that don't use your WiFi.
Encapto Presence anonymously logs any device with WiFi switched on to show how long customers stay, how often they come back, or whether they're new to your area.
Encapto analytics allows you to cross reference this with other data from WiFi users to deliver your special customers offers or enhanced service, the minute they walk in the door.


Deploy additional locations or new hotspots over existing hardware in a few simple steps.

Encapto's unique hardware and hotspot profiling system allows near instant configuration of new sites with minimal technical know-how. Better still, it all happens from the one secure online console.

And Encapto is as flexible and simple when it comes to licensing as it is in operation. Pay one monthly or annual fee based on number of concurrent users and never worry about the cost of setting up additional sites.


Encapto's granular user permissions put the right functionality in the right hands.
Allow a local manager to update specials showing on the WiFi portal while network management stays safely in the hands of your IT guru.