Offering WiFi brings more customers through the door, and increases the duration of their visits and the size of their spend. With the added engagement of Encapto's Campaign and social media login, and the actionable insights of Genius analytics, the return on investment gets a whole lot sharper.

Encapto WiFi’s sophisticated Campaign module turns your WiFi service into a highly effective advertising platform. Schedule the delivery of messages when customers connect to your WiFi or during sessions, targeted according to past customer behaviour, location information and more.
Deploy data capture to gather demographic insights, build customer databases and even transform your campaign into a fully-fledged customer competition, then analyse the results to see just how effective your WiFi campaign can be.


A share or like about you on your customers' social media platform of choice does more for your bottom line than perhaps any of your other marketing activities.

That's why you'll find social login available in all Encapto's products, from the cost effective Happy Hotspot up.


Encapto provides invaluable customer insights even for visitors that don’t use your WiFi. By anonymously logging any device with WiFi switched on, Encapto shows how long customers stay, how often they come back, or whether they’re new to your business.
Use the data generated to measure the effectiveness of displays and other promotions. Encapto analytics allows you to cross reference this with other data from WiFi users to deliver your special customers offers or enhanced service, the minute they walk in the door.


Encapto's super-intelligent Locate module integrates with location analytics from major WiFi vendors and plots your visitors on a map. Encapto locate integrates seamlessly with engagement functionality to deliver location aware advertising and comes with a fully featured analytics dashboard. This makes it the pinpoint solution for

understanding whether a particular window display induces people into your store;
tracking valuable assets across a large area; and
giving your customer he location information needed for way-finding.


Plugging in your App to take advantage of the world of data and functionality that Encapto has to offer is a breeze with the Encapto API
Let Encapto data power your asset tracking system or tell you when and where those high value loyalty program visitors are in store.
Trigger personalized messages to enhance their experience and increase revenue. Encapto Locate is available using Ruckus hardware. Watch this space for more hardware platforms to be supported soon.


Deploy additional locations or new hotspots over existing hardware in a few simple steps.

Encapto's unique hardware and hotspot profiling system allows near instant configuration of new sites with minimal technical know-how. Better still, it all happens from the one secure online console.


Encapto's granular user permissions put the right functionality in the right hands.
The marketing manager needs to update an ad in Encapto campaign, the IT manager needs to deploy a new SSID for security cameras, while a logistics analyst wants to study the flow of visitors past a window display. Encapto caters for them all with a seamless fully customizable interface.


WiFi in retail spaces is hardly new and many sites already have existing infrastructure.

Whether it’s Motorola or Ruckus, Cisco or Meraki, Encapto provides the hub for all your management and enhancement applications.
Even bring together networks from multiple hardware vendors for one stop content management, monitoring and maintenance.