In today’s application-driven, cloud agnostic world, many organizations still rely on legacy, multiple point backup and recovery products that consist of backup software, target storage, media and master servers, and cloud gateways, all from different vendors, resulting in mass data fragmentation. With slow backups and long recovery times of their existing backup products, organizations are unable to meet their tight business SLAs.


There has to be a simpler, more cost-effective way to keep your data from traditional and modern sources safe. This is the problem that Cohesity is designed to solve, with an entirely new approach to data protection.

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The secondary data management component of Vanquish Technologies’ hosted platform is provided by Cohesity. Cohesity simplifies your data protection by converging backup, recovery, replication, and disaster recovery on a single, hyper-converged, cloud-native data management solution.


As a unified, scale-out platform, Cohesity eliminates legacy backup and recovery silos, and simplifies your management with a single UI and policy-based automation. Meet your tight business SLAs with rapid RPOs and instant mass restore to any point in time.


With a software-defined architecture, extend Cohesity’s on-premises advantages to the public cloud and edge. Reduce your data center footprint with global variable-length deduplication, while guaranteeing data resiliency with strict consistency at scale.


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  • Simple, converged data protection

  • Support traditional and modern workloads

  • Cloud archival, tiering and replication

  • Single UI with policy-based automation

  • Web-scale platform with global dedupe

  • Non-disruptive upgrades and expansion

  • Rapid RPOs and near-instant recovery

  • Make backup data productive for test/dev, compliance, security and analytics




Use cases include secondary storage for data protection, files, test/dev copies, cloud tiering and cluster analytics.
Native integration with public cloud resources is supported for long-term archival and disaster recovery applications.
The Data Platform consists of a distributed, shared-nothing cluster of hyper-converged nodes that can be scaled upward without limitation.


For data protection applications, it can be used as a target data protection storage system in place of conventional deduplication appliances, or as a completely integrated data protection system with the addition of Cohesity Data Protect that includes built-in services for backup and recovery without requiring the popular backup applications from 3rd party vendors.


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