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SaaS Backup & Restore Solutions

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Google Workspace Backup

Automated G Suite backup for all/selected users across all domains associated with your G Suite account. Our G Suite backup includes MailDrive, Shared Drives, CalendarContacts, Tasks and Chat. Auto-activate backups for new users. Easily export data to a local archive or use our non-destructive restore.


Microsoft  365 Back up


Compatible with all Office 365 Exchange plans with automated daily backups for all or selected Office 365 Exchange Users. Our Office 365 backup includes MailCalendarContacts, and Tasks and enables easy non-destructive restores to the same/different user, as well as data export for local download.


Dropbox Back up

Comprehensive Dropox backup, including metadata, for all/selected users within your organization. Auto-detection of new users supported. Else manually add, delete and manage your users and their data backup preferences on Dropbox.

Picture5.png Backup

Box backups, including metadata, for all/selected users within your organization. Else auto-detect and activate backups for new users to ensure data is backed up from day 1. Prefer a hands-on approach? CloudAlly makes it easy to manually add, delete and manage your users, and their data backup preferences.


Sharepoint Back up


Automated daily backups for SharePoint Online and OneDrive including Team and Public Sites (including sub-sites), Private Site Collections, and OneDrive for Business sites. Non-destructive recovery to the original/new site.


Salesforce Back up

Supports all Salesforce editions (Contact Manager, Group, Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer). Complete Salesforce backup of all org data including metadata and Chatter feeds. Backup multiple Salesforce instances with a single CloudAlly account.