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ID Director for Windows

In response to the tremendous demand for biometric-enabled multi-factor authentication (MFA) for Microsoft Windows, BIO-key offers ID Director for Windows (IDDfW).  ID Director for Windows features secure and convenient fingerprint biometric authentication that operates at the Active Directory tier, independent of any endpoint device, as required to support shared workstations and roving users.  IDDfW delivers a simple, secure biometric authentication experience without the need to enroll on each device, or having to provide a token to each user, while also supporting traditional multi-factor authentication option.  IDDfW coordinates its policies with each user’s existing credentials in Active Directory.  With ID Director for Windows, enterprise customers will meet the most stringent compliance requirements, while delivering a trusted biometric authentication solution and a superior user experience.

ID Director fits into Your Existing IAM Infrastructure

With ID Director for Windows, your Active Directory schema does not need to be modified.  ID Director for Windows will coordinate with existing AD repositories to obtain and maintain users, devices, organisation units, and groups to apply MFA policies.

ID Director for Windows allows users to enrol a fingerprint biometric credential into a secure, centralised repository, and authenticate to a Microsoft domain from any authorised Windows device, using their domain username and a fingerprint, fingerprint + PIN, or fingerprint + domain password, depending upon the security policies enforced for the device.

ID Director supports fingerprint authentication on dedicated workstations as well as shared workstations and kiosks. Computers may be connected to the corporate network via LAN, WAN, VPN, etc. with access to the authentication servers and domain controllers, or they may authenticate offline using an encrypted local cache, to allow full support for mobile users.


Customers can deploy ID Director for Windows authentication on all supported Windows® operating systems, including:

  • Windows® 7 and Windows® 10 desktops

  • Server 2008 R2

  • Server 2012 R2

  • Server 2016.

ID Director supports thin clients running Windows Embedded and offers support for virtual desktop environments, including:

  • VMware Horizon

  • Citrix XenDesktop

  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

ID Director for Windows users can logon to virtual desktops using locally connected fingerprint scanners on thin clients or Windows desktop computers.

ID Director for Windows is integrated into Windows as a Credential Provider (CP), which supports the use of fingerprint for primary authentication, as well as other system authentication scenario’s where the Windows Credential Provider is presented for logon to AD.