Secure and Simple Identity Verification

Enhance security by requiring two-factor authentication to gain access to your network resources. With Starling Two-Factor Authentication, a SaaS-based solution, you can secure your organisation and keep users productive. It solves the password problem without the capital costs or increased infrastructure management often incurred with traditional on-premises solutions. With an easy-to-use dashboard for administrators and flexible authentication options for end users, Starling Two-Factor Authentication enables organisations to quickly and easily verify a user’s identity.


Easy-to-use Admin Dashboard
Easily manage end-user accounts, generate temporary response codes, and verify the mobile app is working correctly.

Enables organizations to support two-factor authentication on anything that uses the radius protocol for authentication.

Multiple authentication methods
Generate one-time passwords with the app for iOS, Android and Chrome or receive via SMS or phone call.

HTTP Agent
Offers two-factor authentication protection to IIS websites.

Let users skip the one-time password by choosing to push-to-authenticate after entering their username and password. This will send an SMS verification to their mobile app asking if they approve or deny the logon request to the application. Once approved, the user will be automatically logged in.

ADFS Adapter
Protect applications that use Microsoft WS-Federation protocol, such as Office 365. Plus, other federation protocols, including SAML 2.0 to support logons for cloud apps like Google Apps and

Options include mobile apps for iOS and Android, Chrome; SMS text; or phone call.

Desktop Login
Enhance your environment by adding two-factor authentication to users’ computers and servers by unifying user logons and strengthening authentication.

Token Branding
Customise tokens on the mobile app to match company branding.

Protect your applications, operating systems, network and other resources.

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