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ESET began life as a pioneer of antivirus protection, creating award-winning threat detection software.

Now, ESET's goal is to make sure that everybody can enjoy the breathtaking opportunities that technology offers.

Today, our security solutions allow businesses and consumers in more than 200 countries and territories to make the most of the digital world.



ESET Dynamic Threat Defense provides another layer of security for ESET products like Mail Security and Endpoint products by utilizing a cloud-based sandboxing technology to detect new, never before seen type of threats. Future proof your company IT security with:

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Multilayered protection

Within ESET Dynamic Threat Defenses, ESET utilizes 3 different machine learning models once a file is submitted. After this process the sample is run through a full sandbox which simulates user behavior to trick anti-evasive techniques.

Unparalleled speed

Every minute counts. That is why ESET Dynamic Threat Defense is designed to analyze the majority of samples in under 5 minutes. If samples were previously analyzed, it simply takes a few seconds until all devices at your organization are protected.

Full visibility

For every analyzed sample, you can view the final verdict in ESET Security Management Center or in ESET Cloud Administrator, which also provides transparency for all data sent to ESET LiveGrid® - cloud malware protection system.



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As a major force in the pharmaceutical sector, Kohlpharma demands best-in-class information security. To ensure that medication is available to patients promptly and at a reasonable price, Kohlpharma’s operations depend on perfect logistics and rock-solid data protection delivered by ESET Security Solutions.

Download the case study and learn how ESET successfully protected Kohlpharma’s complex security architecture from hackers and cybercriminals.


Award-winning ESET NOD32® technology delivers superior protection against advanced malware with a light footprint and unmatched speed to:



Management Server

ESET Security Management Center manages endpoint products from a single pane of glass and can be installed on Windows or Linux. As an alternative to on-premise installation, customers with up to 250 seats can manage their endpoints via ESET Cloud Administrator.

Low System Demands

ESET Endpoint Antivirus delivers proven protection while leaving more system resources for essential programs that end users depend on daily. It can be deployed on older machines without the need for an upgrade, thereby extending hardware lifetime.

Multilayered defence

A single layer of defence is not enough for today's evolving threat landscape. All ESET’s endpoint products have the ability to detect malware pre-execution, during execution and post-execution. Focusing on the whole of the malware lifecycle, not just on a specific part, allows ESET to provide the highest level of protection possible.


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Endpoint Antivirus for Windows


ESET Endpoint Antivirus with award‐winning ESET NOD32® technology delivers superior detection power for your business.
Its low system demands and virtualization capability keep your system humming.

Keep the security of offline devices under control, and customize scanning and update options as you see fit. Control it all effortlessly with our all‐new, user‐friendly remote administrator tool.


Regardless of whether your business has a hand full of employees or hundreds, ESET Remote Administrator makes mundane day-to-day tasks and complex tasks easy to implement and manage. ERA comes free with any ESET business product and streamlines your ESET security solutions.


Regardless of whether your business has a hand full of employees or hundreds ESET Remote Administrator makes mundane day-to-day tasks and complex tasks easy to implement and manage. ERA comes free with any ESET business product and streamlines your ESET security solutions.

ERA’s web console manages everyday network security. Clear dashboards with extensive drill-down capabilities makes viewing interpreting and viewing data stored in the database simple. Policies can be defined on a product by product basis, the Admin can choose from predefined security policies, or create their own, according to the individual client needs, eg. specific policies for laptops or servers and restrictive or soft policies.

Manage all of your business licenses in one place and deployment ESET products to your Endpoints with just a few clicks, ESET Remote Administrator does the rest. Admins can configure triggers which activate different tasks based on scheduled dates and times. Triggers can be paired with dynamic groups and execute tasks on a client once it enters the group.

A “superior admin” can setup role-based management meaning that multiple users can have access to ERA with different levels of access and sets of privileges. For example a company with multiple offices might want an admin to oversee each office individually with the “superior admin” based at the head office overseeing the company as a whole.

Admins can configure the notification options in a wizard-style series of steps in order to quickly and efficiently deal with any security issues as they happen: ensuring that your security admins are never out of the loop.


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Datasheet:​ Endpoint Antivirus for Windows

ESET Remote Administrator empowers your IT staff, allowing them to oversee the entire network, including workstations, servers and smartphones – from a single point. Developed based on in-depth consultation with IT professionals, it allows you to manage IT security via a web-console from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

In addition, it can be installed on Windows as well as Linux servers, and also comes as a virtual appliance. The built-in task management system helps minimize downtime by responding quickly to incidents.


ESET Remote Administrator uses dynamic threat protection and integrated tools, and comes with new agent-based architecture to streamline network security and minimize administrative overhead.