Wondering how to easily implement micro-segmentation in your environment?

Guardicore excels at:

Preventing Lateral Movement
Control east/west traffic to reduce your data centre and cloud attack surface

Protecting Your Digital Crown Jewels
Blanket the applications that matter most to your business with precise security controls

Simplifying and Accelerating Compliance
Isolate systems that are subject to regulatory requirements simply and effectively

Helping you to Adopt Cloud and PaaS Securely
Implement infrastructure-agnostic security policies that work consistently across legacy bare metal servers and all forms of cloud.

And to Innovate Faster
Integrate security with application development without time-consuming software changes, infrastructure changes, or downtime.

Use Guardicore Centra to achieve:


See Applications and Flows in Context. Centra automatically discovers applications and flows, including process-to-process communications, and creates contextual maps that make understanding activity and creating policies simple.

Application Dependancy Mapping
Quickly understand how applications work. Centra correlates network- and process-level activity and shows you how applications communicate with and depend on other IT resources.

Segmentation Policies
Create granular policies that work everywhere. Centra makes it easy to create granular segmentation policies that work seamlessly across any platform, operating system, or environment, whether that be on-premise or in the cloud.

Modern and Legacy Operating Systems
Centra supports modern and legacy Windows and Linux releases, as well as niche operating systems like Solaris, AIX, and HP-UX, so you can protect your entire infrastructure.

Any Combination of Platforms
Centra can protect any combination of bare metal servers, virtual machines, and containers, giving you a future-proof security approach that adapts as your needs change.





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