Nutanix Mine with HYCU
Invisible Backup as a Service

Ready-to-roll intelligent application data protection,

in a simplified secondary storage solution.


Done Before You Know It

No more bolt-on, legacy backup and recovery products that dilute Nutanix simplicity. Enjoy Nutanix look and feel, native integration, and a hypervisor-agnostic architecture as you seamlessly manage and protect across virtualized environments.

Leverage HYCU to make backup and recovery an integral part of your Nutanix management and raise the simplicity bar with intelligent application data protection.


Improve on the Promise

Nutanix Mine with HYCU is the only solution that has been

purpose-built for a Nutanix-led customer.

It allows a customer to not only preserve HCI simplicity, but also provides a hypervisor-agnostic architecture that includes AHV and ESX,
but it also makes sure all of your data residing in Nutanix Volumes, Nutanix Files or your Physical Servers are fully protected.

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Solution brief

​"Backup made invisible" Nutanix Mine with HYCU

Why can’t backing up secondary storage be simple? Actually, it can. The Nutanix Mine platform extends the simplicity benefits of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud to secondary storage.


When combined with HYCU, the result is a secondary storage solution with the platform strength of Nutanix, plus the native HYCU backup service with one-click simplicity and application awareness. Download the solution brief to learn more. 

Nutanix Mine with HYCU solution: 


  • Makes backup a native service of the platform 

  • Eliminates the need for siloed infrastructure for backup 

  • Allows you to modularly grow backup capacity and performance 

  • Assures application availability and eliminates the need for a dedicated backup team 


Ransomware Data Protection in a Box

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) recently paid a ransom of 116.4 bitcoins ($1.14 million) to the criminals in exchange for a tool to unlock their encrypted data. This is one way to get your data back, but prevention is always better than (expensive) cure.

Nutanix and HYCU have been partnering for years to deliver efficient data protection for Nutanix and VMware enterprise clouds. With tight and creative integration of Nutanix Objects, Mine, and HYCU backup, the resulting backup appliance options deliver data and ransomware protection at virtually any budget.

Listen to the joint webinar to learn how you can back up your workloads and be protected against ransomware with 1-click simplicity of Nutanix and HYCU.

Bogdan Viher, VP International Sales, HYCU; Manfred Buchmann, Solutions Architect, Nutanix

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Checklist to protect backup infrastructure and data from a ransomware attack

Since Ransomware attacks are on the rise, many of you have been working hard to make sure your data is safe and protected and available in the event of an attack. 

Protection against any attack is always about putting up as many walls and layers of protection between your environment and the attacker.
This document is meant as a short checklist of data protection capabilities you need to consider.


You can access it at the button below.

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