With Quick Connect, you can completely automate the process of identity data synchronization between the data systems used in your enterprise environment.

Quick Connect increases the data management efficiency by allowing you to automate the provision, deprovision, and update operations between the data systems you use. For example, when an employee joins or leaves the organization, the related information in the data systems managed by Quick Connect is automatically updated, thereby reducing your administrative workload and getting the new users up and running faster.

The use of scripting capabilities provides a flexible way to automate day-to-day administration tasks and integrate the administration of managed data systems with other business processes. By automating regular synchronization tasks, Quick Connect allows administrators to concentrate on strategic issues, such as planning the directory, increasing enterprise security, and supporting business-critical applications.




One Identity Quick Connect Sync Engine offers the following major features:

  • Bidirectional synchronization

  • Delta processing mode

  • Synchronization of group membership

  • Windows PowerShell scripting

  • Attribute synchronization rules

  • Rule-based generation of distinguished names

  • Scheduling capabilities

  • Extensibility

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