Parallels Mac Management  is a plug-in that extends Microsoft SCCM to manage Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Reduce the risk of a data breach and data loss by containing the valuable customer, employee and payment information hackers are after, and simplify the processes required to make security a Business-As-Usual practice for your organisation.

Features & benefits:

Full Lifecycle Management of Mac Endpoints
SCCM administrators don’t have to learn much about macOS to manage it—our solution extends the existing SCCM processes and skills. Manage Mac computers and their software discovery, distribution, updates and inventory just like PCs.

Apple Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Enrol iOS and iPad devices in SCCM and secure them with the help of Configuration Profiles without having to use any additional solution for managing mobile devices only. Leverage familiar workflow in the Configuration Manager for creating iOS inventory reports.

Streamlined Processes and Improved Workflow
Without the right tools, Apple computers and mobile devices take up a disproportionate amount of IT support time compared to Windows PCs. Optimize IT resources by administering your entire fleet of devices and applications in a centralized manner.

Discovery and Enrolment of Mac Devices
Standard SCCM Active Directory System Discovery and support for Apple Device Enrolment Program (DEP)—and the unique integration with SCCM—enables administrators to seamlessly set up and provision new Mac computers.

One Central Inventory of Windows PCs and Apple Devices
Have the same view on all devices in one place; different kind of endpoints are just device collections in Microsoft SCCM. Stay focused on managing devices and not enterprise mobility solutions themselves.

macOS and iOS Device Compliance
Enforce compliance on Apple devices via SCCM configuration items and baselines. Configuration items tailored for Mac include macOS configuration profiles, FileVault encryption and shell scripts. Monitor compliance for macOS and iOS via native SCCM reporting.