Forget GDPR - Are You Even Compliant?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Organisations are in a state of transition.

Under pressure to modernise legacy infrastructure at a low cost, which also delivers the simplicity and scalability of next-gem, with the security of an on premise infrastructure to ensure every step can be taken to comply with new regulation. Does this sound familiar?

Why not benefit from the best of private and public clouds...

...without the cost or security issues associated with both? Vanquish Tech can do all the heavy lifting - leveraging the Vanquish Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering you can get on with business.

One More Thing...

With Vanquish Tech's Private Cloud, you could benefit from:

  • 510% 5 Year ROI

  • Deploy your storage 85% faster

  • Reduce your unplanned downtime by 98%

  • Backup & DR faster, simpler, more securely

  • Near - zero RTOs Infinite scalability

  • Huge savings on TCO over 3 years

  • SLA-Driven backups

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With Vanquish Tech IaaS Cloud:

  • Reduce your footprint

  • Remove managerial pain

  • Design and control your dependancy on the cloud

  • Achieve true backup and DR compliance

You've got an existing legacy backup solution that won’t help you when you need it - and takes up more time than you can afford to give - and pressure from your organisation to move to something that’s future-ready and won’t get you caught up in compliance.

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