Microsoft Azure Integration, Backup & Recovery

Extend your infrastructure to the cloud for data protection, long-term archival, dev/test and disaster recovery.

Cohesity soplution brief
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Hybrid use cases

Build a hybrid cloud data fabric for a variety of hybrid and cloud-native use cases, including long-term retention, backup, disaster recovery, and dev/test.

Cloud-native use cases


Protect and Manage Secondary Data & Apps in a Hybrid Cloud Environment

Five enterprises explain how they solved mass data fragmentation. Hear from Schneider Electric, Brown University, Hyatt, University of Pennsylvania, and University of California Santa Barbara on their efforts to boost IT agility and lower costs.

Making Data Portable in the Cloud with Cohesity & Microsoft

Mass data fragmentation can impede business decisions. It starts with consolidating your infrastructure to efficiently manage your data over the hybrid cloud. This can be used for backup, long-term retention and disaster recovery. 

 As you optimize spend in the cloud, here are 3 key areas to consider:

  • Deliver a comprehensive backup strategy between on-premises and cloud 

  • Provide efficient data governance and control of data in the cloud

  • Invest in a cloud-native integration for simple connectivity 

Backing Up Your Azure Stack Deployment with Cohesity

Hybrid-cloud efficiency and consistency is more important than ever. Learn how simple it is to back up your Azure Stack deployment with Cohesity.

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