We sell market-leading technologies, and we understand the business drivers for standardisation across corporate networks. We work tirelessly to ensure that our clients’ long term objective is overweighed by short term commodity selling.


Our services:


Imaging  |  Asset Tagging |  DOA |  Checks IT Disposal |  Warehousing |  Stock holding facilities Global deployment |  Installation and Cabling


We supply, install and support servers and storage solutions from the world’s leading technology vendors.


Our team of consultants and engineers provide pre/post-sales support, architecture design, remote or on-site support and break-fix hardware and software support contracts.


There is no need to worry about dimming lights, lowering screens or turning on or off several pieces of equipment. All of that happens automatically.


Vanquish Tech offers any form of AV requirement to our customers from a small to global scale and provide the engineering/maintenance support services to back this up.


Having extensive field operational knowledge in IP Security applications across many sectors ranging from banking, stadia and arenas, we deliver the project backed by years of operational expertise.


The key challenge for any small/large venue is connectivity, resilience, security, consumer and staff engagement. Now factor in the Ofcom estimates that over 70% of the British population own a smartphone and will have multiple devices at any given time. That means, potentially, up to around 60,000+ people in one place watching a match or event and trying to use the wireless network.


Vanquish Technologies understands the importance of undisrupted availability of these technologies.


Our team of consultants and engineers provide pre/post-sales support, archItecture design, remote or on-site support and break-fix hardware and software support contracts. 

Our networking services are: 


  • Project Management

  • On-site & Remote engineers

  • Installations & Support

  • Virtualisation consultancy

  • On-site cabling

  • Cat5, Fiber  

  • Remote Network Monitoring


With the increase of drones being used to capture live event footage and for security, event organizers must discuss drone safety at the onset of planning, to ensure drone security measures are implemented. When airspace is unprotected, drones can threaten safety and pose legal implications for athletes and performers.

Dedrone works with arenas and stadiums by setting up the DroneTracker software platform to add overall security to the ecosystem.


  • Notify staff of drone flights even before they start

  • Ensure the safety of spectators and infrastructure

  • Prevent drones from interrupting games

  • Prevent copyright infringement

  • Integrate into security systems 203 141 2910 


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