Simplified Group Policy management and administration

Getting GPOs right is critical – one wrong GPO with a seemingly innocuous setting can inflict massive detrimental effects to the security posture of thousands of systems in your network within minutes. With GPOADmin, you can automate critical Group Policy management and governance tasks to reduce risk and eliminate manual processes.

GPOADmin offers a host of features that allows for comprehensive GPO management and governance, allowing you to search, administer, verify, compare, update, roll back and consolidate GPOs to ensure consistency and avoid long-term GPO proliferation. With GPO comparison features combined with enhanced security and workflow capabilities, you’ll be able to effectively control and secure your Windows infrastructure — while proactively supporting governance initiatives.


Moreover, for our die-hard customers, you can maximise your investment with GPOADmin’s integration with Change Auditor, where you can track and access all changes in real-time.



Key Benefits:

Version comparisons
Improve GPO auditing and verify setting consistency quickly and easily with advanced, side-by-side GPO version comparisons at various intervals.

Rapid rollback
Quickly revert back to a working GPO in the event that a GPO change has an undesired effect. In seconds, the environment can be running smoothly again.

Approval-based workflow
Ensure changes adhere to change management best practices prior to deployment.

GPO consolidation
Search for redundant or conflicting Group Policy settings, and merge them into a single GPO or create a new GPO based on the merged settings to avoid long-term GPO proliferation.

Delete version history
Delete the history of multiple versions to help you manage and reduce the size of your backup store.

GPO Syncing
Automate settings synchronisation from master GPO to selected target GPOs.

Intuitive scheduling
Immediately implement or schedule approved changes to simplify the process.

Group Policy lineage
Test pre-production GPO clones before rolling them out to ensure their impact on the live environment.

Protected settings policies
Define a list of GPO settings with predetermined values that must exist and cannot be modified.

Object management
Assign responsibility for specific policies, either at the object- or container-level, to specific users, enabling admins to identify who is responsible for managing specific policies.

Custom email templates
Enable customisation of e-mail notifications with specific text and/or attachments by role (e.g., help desk).

Hidden pre-production GPO
Limit pre-production GPO access to you and other selected administrators.

GPO check-in and check-out locking
Easily prevent simultaneous editing conflicts or unwanted and unauthorised changes to production GPOs.

Pre- and post- actions
Enable users to execute custom actions before or after a GPOADmin change to facilitate integration with internal processes and systems.