SAFEPASS® was created specifically to address the new password guidelines from NIST and NCSC (800-63b) that recommend checking user passwords against public database breaches.® does this in the most efficient way, using a probabilistic data structure and AI to minimise the query time and the size of the overall memory footprint on the system.

We check for almost 573 million passwords in a fraction of a second using a superset of the Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) database created and maintained by Troy Hunt. Have I Been Pwned is the largest collection of compromised data breaches currently available. We’ve consolidated a 30GB database file into a very manageable 800MB self-contained installer.

Installed and working in under three minutes
We know your time is valuable and that most enterprise password enforcement solutions will often require a dedicated team to install and manage.® is extremely simple to install and does not require technical expertise to setup. From the moment of purchase, less than three minutes will be required to install and setup the software, saving your team valuable time to be awesome at whatever else they do.

Keep your team safe online

The Human Element is always the weakest link in an organisation’s overall security posture. With® we help you both achieve and exceed your security goals AND say goodbye to frustrating and complex password policies.

Money spent on encryption and firewalls is wasted if you allow passwords like Password123 or December18.

Deploying® will help your security team to sleep at night, reduce the frustration of your users and lower the number of helpdesk tickets related to password resets.

Compliance with current Regulation® is the ONLY enterprise password policy enforcement solution for Active Directory that is enabling your organisation to be completely compliant with the new guidelines regarding password security policies.® is for any organisation large or small that wishes to stay safe and easily protect themselves from common cyberattacks such as credential stuffing and password spraying.




Deploy the software on your Active Directory domains in less than three minutes, stopwatch in hand!

We have done everything we could to minimise the frustration of our users. IT will love our minimal, easy to automate windows-installer based installation process and appreciate the reduction in helpdesk tickets associated with password resets.


The ONLY Password filter that is compliant with the current best practices as agreed by NIST, NCSC and Microsoft.

Our affordable plans make it easy to pay monthly or yearly. So whether you are a small family business or an enterprise we have the right solution for you.


Our smart architecture is maximising availability, it reduces the number of point of failures and increases your domain’s security.

Unlike the “solutions” proposed by most of our competitors,® is a fully offline solution, meaning your credentials never leave the machine they are processed on.


We already ship a superset of a very large blacklist maintained by Troy Hunt and called HaveIBeenPwned.

To this day, we already have almost 573M of breached passwords and counting. Moreover we let you bring your own dictionary that we fuzzily match to ensure users don’t pick passwords on your list or similar. We do the hard work so that you don’t have to!


Change-process compatible: we have built the software with security in mind from the start. That means we do not force you to update. You remain in control of the version of the software you run and it keeps working as it did when it was installed.

We will provide regular updates with new features but the maintenance burden is minimal.

Four out five hacking breaches are due to compromised passwords

What are you doing to make sure your users and clients data is safe?

With® you are in the 9% of most secure companies in the world. We put you in control and stop your users from choosing passwords found on compromised data lists.