Software licensing can be difficult to manage and control. With many structured licensing platforms available we have a team of experts with up to date knowledge across a vast range of vendor partners.


Working with Vanquish we will provide you with your licenses, manage your licensing agreement and annual software spend and ensure the licenses you need you to use and those you don’t need you are not paying for.


  1. AUDITING: We have a team of software auditors that work with our customers to ensure they are compliant against usage levels.​

  2. LICENSING: We work with the market-leading technologies to provide software licensing agreements to our clients on a global scale. From small to medium businesses to international enterprise companies.

  3. SECURITY: We manage, monitor and support application patches and policies under our support services packages.

  4. RENEWAL MANAGEMENT: Our software management team takes away and centralises all our clients’ renewals into one centrally managed place.

  5. SOFTWARE ASSET MANAGEMENT: Our team assist in managing and optimizing the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal of software applications for our clients on a global scale. 203 141 2910 


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